Catalogue Series Wrong Side of the Tracks


Tirso Abantos (José Coronado) is a former military servant who now owns a local store. Although lonely and uncaring, he is bound to take care of her Vietnamese granddaughter Irene when some family incidents take place. Defiance character, strong personality and friendships with the wrong people lead Irene to soon runs into problems. With the relationship between Irene and Tirso getting worse every day, she is convinced of running away with his “adorable” Colombian boyfriend. Tirso decides to act and face the gangs that are ruining her granddaughter’s life in the neighbourhood.

A series that combines drama, action and a touch of humour with fundamental questions like the existing generation gap, the relationship between different cultural backgrounds and the value crisis that today’s society is living.

Technical data

  • Seasons 2
  • Episodes 16
  • Duration 70'
  • Year 2022
  • Language Spanish
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Format 4K

Victorious premiere on Telecinco's PT with 19.7% audience share

Remake and TV rights available in 2023




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