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1. Duty to Report.

In compliance with the duty to report established by Article 10 of Law 34/2002, July 11th, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, and Article 4, Section 4 of Law 56/2007, December 28th, on Measures to Promote the Information Society, the following data are reported:

PRODUCCIÓN Y DISTRIBUCIÓN DE CONTENIDOS AUDIOVISUALES MEDITERRÁNEO, S.L.U., holder of Fiscal ID Code B-84543586 and registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid under Volume 22.174, Book 0, Page 13, Section 8, Sheet M-395685 (hereinafter, “MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL”) and corporate address at Ctra. Fuencarral a Alcobendas 4, 28049, Madrid, SPAIN, is the managing entity of the Internet website with the following URL, (hereinafter, “the Website”).

2. Applicable Regulations.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL offers through this Website several contents and services (hereinafter, “the Services”), the provision of which implies the full and unconditional acknowledgement of this legal notice. This is an essential condition to use any existing or future Services.

Any person using and/or navigating the Website is a user (hereinafter, “the Client”). Using and navigating the Website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the general terms and conditions included in this legal notice, in the updated version in force at the moment of the Website use by the Client.

The general terms and conditions of use set out in this Legal Notice do not exclude the possibility that certain services provided by the Website are subject to special terms conditions of use (hereinafter, “the Special Conditions”), which may be read by Clients before acceptance.

The participation in the activities and use of services subject to the Special Conditions will, in any case, imply the full acceptance of these. In this case, the general terms and conditions will be applied in any circumstances not regulated by Special Conditions, as long as no contradiction is incurred.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL complies at all times with current regulations on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data and other regulations in force. Both the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy establish essential general terms and conditions of the Website that must be accepted by the Clients.

3. Description of Services.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL offers its potential clients in Spain and the rest of the world an on-line showcase of audio-visual products. Customers may browse features in its catalogue and be informed about the latest news.

Services offered include:

  • Free browsing of the product catalogue.
  • Free access to view the latest videos and news.
  • Access to videos, images, text, scripts etc,
  • Adding your preferred products to a favourite list and downloading a PDF file including details. The Website also offers a search engine to find products.
  • Up-to-date news feed regarding contents offered on the Website. The news may be shared by Clients in their social media.
  • Clients in need of further information can arrange a meeting via a contact form included in the Website.
  • Any further services offered by MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL in this Website in the future.

4. Limitation of Liability.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL guarantees that it is acting in good faith. MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL is not liable for any damages caused by errors or omissions in the contents, content unavailability or malware activities, even though having implemented technological measures necessary to avoid these situations.

MEDITERRÁNEO VISUAL reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate and may change, delete or add any contents and services provided in the Website, or their appearance and position.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL will not be liable for any offences or crimes committed by any Client of the Website regarding

  1. the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties,
  2. the privacy, honour and/or image rights of third parties,
  3. or any damages Clients might suffer as a consequence of browsing or using the contents offered by third parties in other webpages to which Clients may access through links, buttons, banners, etc., appearing in the Website.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL does not guarantee that the websites and contents by third parties that Clients may access from the Website do comply with regulations applicable to the activities of the mentioned third parties. Any claim for damages that this potential non-compliance could imply must be referred to the said third party.

The Client accepts his/her responsibility and the implications derived from the failure to fulfil these regulations and obliges himself/herself to not claim for compensations from MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL for this reason.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL provides its Clients with a contact page ( where they may inform about any incidences related to the non-compliance of applicable regulations.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The Client accepts that all features and utilities included in the Website are protected by copyright law and acknowledges that any intellectual and industrial property rights over the Website are held by MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL. Accordingly, the Client commits himself/herself to fulfil all terms and conditions established in these general conditions, being the only individual responsible for any non-compliances before third parties.

Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the Client commits himself/herself to use these data exclusively for his/her own needs and not to make any direct or indirect commercial use of accessible Services or data obtained through the Website. The Client commits himself/herself to not using features and functions of the Website to carry out or suggest activities prohibited by law or to attract other Clients of the Services to competing Websites. The Client is also responsible for making anyone authorised by the Client to use the Services comply with these terms and conditions. When using the Website, the Client will refrain from carrying out any behaviour violating the intellectual or industrial property rights of MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL or third parties, any behaviour violating the right to honour, the right to individual and familiar intimacy, the right of image of any third parties, or engaging in any illicit or immoral conducts. The User will, in any case, agree to exempt MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL from any liabilities in case of any judicial or extrajudicial claim resulting from this use.

The Client acknowledges that the reproduction, alteration, distribution, commercialization, use of reverse engineering or any other means to obtain source code, and altering or publication of any test results by non-authorized references, of any of the features and functions included in the Website imply the infringement of intellectual property rights held by MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL; therefore, the Client commits himself/herself not to take any of the aforementioned actions. The ownership and property rights of the Website are held in any case by MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL, so the Client commits himself/herself not to suppress or to alter any unique sign used as a trademark, commercial names or elements such as logos, etc. that are protected by copyright, or any other notices, legends, symbols or labels of MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL appearing on the Web.

When using the Website, the Client will also refrain from destroying, alter, misuse or damage any data, programs or electronic documents belonging to MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL, to its suppliers or any third parties, as well as from introducing or spreading malware that may alter the network, system or devices of third parties. Likewise, any activities or practices violating the principles of good conduct generally accepted among Internet users are expressly prohibited.

6. Privacy and Cookie Policy.

See Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

7. Amendments to the Legal Notice.

MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL reserves the right to amend or cancel these conditions at any time, committing itself to notify the cancellation or new conditions adopted.

8. Cancellation of Services.

MEDITERRANEO AUDIOVISUAL reserves the right to cancel at any time and with no liabilities whatsoever any of the Services offered in the Website, including the option to delete contents selected to appear in the Website.

9. Client’s Responsibility.

9.1- The Client will assume all expenses, costs and compensations originated in judicial proceedings against him/her due to the breach of guarantees and obligations in accordance with the conditions set out in this Legal Notice.

9.2- The Client will be liable for any possible claims derived from the failure to comply with the statements in this document, and commits himself/herself to compensate MEDITERRÁNEO AUDIOVISUAL and the rest of the companies of the Mediaset España Comunicación, S.A. Group for failures to comply with the guarantees.

10. Jurisdiction.

Should any difference arise between the parties regarding the construction, compliance and effects of these general conditions and if an agreement is not reached by the parties thereto, the parties shall abide by Spanish law and jurisdiction and to the judicial courts of the Client’s legal address.

11. Acceptance of this Legal Notice.

The subscription to any services offered by the Web implies full acceptance of these general conditions.

Clients declare that they have read these general conditions and accept them in full.